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How to Write a Press Release

Most press releases submitted to will be printed verbatim. So, your press release is your opportunity to tell your story to the Long Beach community in your own words.

We all love to be “in the know” when it comes to what’s happening where we live. Our readers are no different. They are actively seeking information about Long Beach neighborhood news and events, community mixers, small business sales and events, local workshops, seminars and Long Beach volunteer opportunities. This is your chance to share your news!

One of our editors will look over your article prior to publication to ensure that it relates to the Long Beach community and that it does not contain abusive or libelous content. However, we trust that you will take time to write an article that is informative, interesting and grammatically correct.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to help you get started writing your press release. Please feel free to email us if you need help. While we can not write your press release, we can often recommend a local writer that will be able to work with you to create an engaging article.

Press Release Basics

1. Include all the relevant information

  • who is hosting or sponsoring the event?
  • what is happening? a party? a meeting? 
  • why  is it happening? is it a fundraiser? a protest? a celebration?
  • where is it taking place?
  • contact information — email, telephone, website
  • include a photo

2. Tell a Story

  • try to avoid too much marketing jargon
  • talk to readers like they’re your neighbor — because they are!

3. Have a short one or two paragraph introduction. This is often called the “lead” and is used to draw the reader into your article. It is also the teaser text that will appear on the front page. So, this is your chance to make readers want to click and read your entire article.

4. Length: Most press releases should be about 250 to 450 words.

5. Reasons to write a Press Release. There’s always a reason to share good news with your neighbors. Don’t limit yourself, but here are a few ideas:

  • You won an award
  • You changed something in your business — new hours, new employee, new name, new product,
  • You’re hosting an event
  • Your gathering support for a cause
  • You need volunteers
  • Your thanking your volunteers
  • Highlight your business by presenting a “case study” that shows how you solve customer problems
  • You went to a conference
  • Your group took a trip
  • Can you answer a question — Where to good food in LB after 10pm? How to hire a wedding photographer?
  • and on and on

6. Get feedback. Before submitting your article show it to a friend. Often a second set of eyes can catch embarrassing grammatical errors. Friends also have a great way of asking questions so you’ll know if any information is missing.

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