You Are a Local at Coffee Cup Cafe

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My husband and I rarely get a chance to go out to breakfast, since normally we are working during the mornings. We all know that Saturday and Sunday’s are such fiascos, with some restaurants having wait times of more than an hour; it just isn’t worth it to wait it out. There are some incredible breakfast joints in Long Beach so it is a shame that people can feel so discouraged by the wait times. I had driven by Coffee Cup Café several times and so we decided to try it one week day morning when we were particularly hungry.

Parking was not the easiest, and we ended up a block away on a residential street. Coffee Cup Café is in a really cute neighborhood, so we wished and dreamed during our walk to the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is your typical diner style with several tables and a counter. We were lucky enough that there was one table open for us…yes, one, on a Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m.!!! Wondering what the heck makes this place so popular, I looked around and discovered that several of the people looked very comfortable here, as if this is their local eatery and they are all regulars. A few people even knew each other and stopped to say hi to each other.

We ordered heavy, we were really hungry. My husband ordered the Dr. W’s Scramble which has egg whites, tomatoes, spinach, bell peppers and other healthy stuff if in it. I diverted and ordered the Corn Beef Hash with Eggs and 2 slices of French toast. The scramble was beautiful, colorful and full of flavor for something so healthy. The Corn Beef Hash was cooked really well, with a crispy texture, and the token saltiness combining with the eggs perfectly. The French toast…well…it was rich and divine.  I wanted to order the 4th Street French toast which is stuffed with cream cheese with butter and cinnamon but..really, gestational diabetes is something I have been trying to avoid my entire pregnancy. This probably would have thrown me over the edge.

Above all else, the service was amazing. The men that run around that restaurant are on the ball, friendly, fast, and you feel like a regular. I just loved them, the food and the casual vibe. I would highly recommend this breakfast joint, even if you have to wait a bit. I suppose it goes to show you that good things do come to those that wait.

Coffee Cup Café is located at 3734 4th Street Long Beach, CA (562) 433-3292. For dining suggestions, email Everything Long Beach!

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About Chandra Clewley
A self-described Foodie, Chandra Clewley can’t wait to sink her teeth into Long Beach Restaurants. She is a native Southern Californian who recently settled in Long Beach. Chandra has traveled the world eating, serving and learning about fine food and wine. She also writes for

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